Anti-Microbial Bags

Anti-microbial bags offer a continuous kill of pathogens.

Presently used in grocery store deli's our resin blend provides a kill-and-rekill of pathogens commonly found on food products and enhances your food safety program. In these days, it is a 'must do' program.

Additional Details

FDA Regulation: The M.S.T. additive meets all FDA regulation as safe for food contact.

Improve Food Safety and Quality

  • Eliminates harmful pathogens including bacteria and fungi
  • Leak-proof bag reduces contamination from weeping
  • Customers prefer the taste of product stored in M.S.T. bags vs. regular wrap based on a blind taste
  • Test conducted by a leading, national supermarket chain

Reduce Time and Labor

  • Much faster than hand wrapping
  • Reduced labor costs: Eliminates multiple wrapping of same chub. A single chub can be rewrapped upwards of 15 times

Improve Customer Service

  • Reduces order completion time by 30 seconds per order increasing the customer service experience. Less time spent waiting for a deli order means a customer can go to other areas of the store sooner, spending more time shopping for additional items.

Increase Cost Savings

  • In addition to time and labor savings, leftover, pre-cut meat can be stored overnight in antimicrobial bag, allowing for it to be sold the next day.
  • Reduced spoilage
  • Intangible savings
    Reduced Injuries: The traditional wrapping station for deli meats and cheeses can be responsible for a number of workplace injuries including: Cuts from the wrap cutter, burns from the heat sealer and carpal tunnel from the repetitive wrapping motion.
    Reduced claims = reduced insurance and workers comp rates
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